...rarest of the group was the Harley. A total of 109 were made, including prototypes. But over the past 15 years that would have to be one of Fender's best.

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Jay Leno

Eric Clapton

Bob Dylan

Travis Trit

Willie G. Davidson



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The most photographed and best known Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster. 1993 marked the 90th Anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. The Fender Musical Instrument Company helped celebrate the event with the Custom Shop production of 109;

Chrome & 14k Gold Plated Aluminum Body with Birds Eye Maple Neck and Ebony Fingerboard

Harley-Davidson 90th Anniversary Stratocasters.

60 units were made available to Fender's qualifying "Diamond" dealers and carry the Diamond emblem on the headstock. Of the remaining 49 units (which do not have the Diamond emblem), 40 were produced for export and 9 were delivered to Harley-Davidson. This one is #042, coincidentally the year in which Jimi Hendrix was born. And no one has added to the Stratocaster legend as much as Jimi.

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Certificate of Authenticity, Signed by John Page  

Diamond in Headstock

Custom Leather Harley-Davidson Guitar Strap adorned with Metal Studs and Conchos

Custom Fringed Leather Gig Bag

It all fits snugly into the Specially Designed Road Case.