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Transcript of My Letter Printed in the December 2001 American Motorcyclist

Concerning the September 11 terrorist attacks. I was born in NY City and have lived here all of my life. Suicide terrorists are no match for the common man empowered with liberty, freedom and the power to choose his future. This experiment USA has made the common man king of his destiny for the first time in the blighted history of the human race. And we won't go back. The steel eyed determination and resolve of a free man prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice while saving a stranger or while fighting to insure his liberty, is more mighty than the most evil suicidal zealot. As motorcyclists, we are keenly aware of how both fate and circumstance can suddenly affect our lives and the lives of those around us. Now, many of our fellow citizens must learn how to measure what they value. And be willing to accept the risk with the joy and go on with life. The ultimate reward is a real peace. The inner peace, which will flow through our generation and the generations to follow. New laws won't really help. The nation is leaning through turns. It's a black night on a strange road. But the light of Liberty cuts just enough ahead. And there's an unseen passenger keeping our course steady and true.  Somewhere beyond the bend is morning. And a beautiful new road at dawn.