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In 1987  Red St. John, Byron Olson, Gene Bianco and a group of talented musicians entered BIOYA Studios in Patterson, New Jersey. A Studio owned and engineered by accomplished musicians and performers, Lenny Argese and Louie Argese. The recording that resulted received acclaim for the compositions, the musical artistry and the sonic clarity. We were so proud of it we had our signatures lithographed onto each CD!  And due to its technical quality it was picked up by independent distributors, reviewed by everyone from Cash Box to CD Review and  was available at Tower records and other major music stores. In fact, if you search our UPC label you'll discover it is still listed on most music sites*.  Unusual for a first attempt by a group. It was the end of an age where if you believed in the music, and you could demonstrate you had heart and talent, you just might get on the radio. Another first was that these recordings were played on satellite radio, long before XM and Sirius were even ideas. The Breeze was a syndicated satellite radio program and it played this CD along with stations from New York to Chicago.  The music is timeless. Great songs with beautiful arrangements and soulful playing.  New York session men like Tom Harrell - Zev Katz - Dave Ratajczak  - Clint de Ganon. Beautiful arrangements by Byron Olson and Wade Marcus. Byron and I wrote the music and it was my first release in this genre. All of my compositions were composed on a Commodore 64 Computer using a MIDI interface. There is only one cover tune, and I play guitar and guitar synthesizer on it - Jimi Hendrix's  beautiful ballad, 'Burning of the Midnight Lamp'. 

     And as for me, I still compose and have recently produced, written and directed a play, 'Laserus, Odyssey of Light' .  I hope you enjoy this music as much as I still do. It was a labor of love and it's frozen in a time that will never return.


*Trivia: the UPC Bar Code for this CD is a combination of  the month of each of our birthdays