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Unisphere Laser Show

Lasers Light up The World

June 9, 1997

On the site of the New York Worlds Fair grounds of 1939 (the first demonstration of television to the public) and 1964-65 (introduction of 'Touch Tone Service' by Bell System), technology was once again on display. Green - Rose Laser Company provided Class B Laser Operators and equipment to assist Hy-Tech Laser in a Laser Show for the 20th Anniversary of Queens Day (the NYC Borough where the Fair Grounds are located). This site posed several problems including the location of La Guardia Airport. People flying into La Guardia were treated to a Laser Light Show on the Unisphere. The Unisphere is a 12 story high stainless steel model of the earth built and presented to the Fair by United States Steel. Dedicated to "Peace through Understanding". It is located in the Fountain of Continents and gives the perspective of earth from 6000 miles in space from the edge of the surrounding pool. The Laser Show consisted of animations and graphics beamed on the continents of Africa, South America and the East Coast of North America.

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